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Texturizing & Weaving Basalt

Below is a direct comparison of two fabrics.

One is made from a standard Basalt Fiber (see fabric and the yarns on the top of the first picture).

The other is made from a texturized yarn (see fabric and the yarns on the bottom of the first picture).

The process of texturizing has been described on this site. For more information pertaining to that: ... more about air texturizing

FINATEX INTERNATIONAL can recommend and source the machinery to make an air texturized fiber; Training can be possibly arranged, as well.

Basalt Texturized

Texturized Basalt Fibers


Fabric made from texturized Basalt Fibers.

FINATEX INTERNATIONAL can recommend, source erect and train on weaving equipment to make these types of fabrics.




.... more about us: More about Finatex International