Welcome Allendale Fibertech Corporation

Allendale Fibertech has its base in Allendale, South Carolina where the company purchased a 62,000 square foot building to use for light manufacturing, warehousing, and offices. Our weaving facility is located just a few miles away in Fairfrax, South Carolina.

As a growing company, we compete by providing our customers with careful attention to their unique requirements. We are in a position to be very competitively priced with our core products.

Our looms are set up to weave a range of technical fibers, primarily fiberglass, but also other fibers including carbon and basalt. We match the specifications of the fiber to our customers' specific applications. Our manufacturing processes include chopping of technical fibers and film lamination of composites including fiberglass.

We bring to this business decades of experience providing composites and insulation systems for manufacturers across a range of industries. AFC designed and manufacturers DeckProtect™, a consumer product that completely protects a homeowner's deck from the radiant heat of a fire pit.



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