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Private * Collectors * Students * Teachers * Brokers * Agents * Dealers * Consultants * Sales People * Marketing Managers * CEOs, Home business * Clubs * Associations * Any profit or none profit organization * Multilevel companies * Distributors * Anybody who needs to safe time when keeping track of e-mail or phone correspondents.


A word to Manufacturers: 

"There is no highly efficient software solution for companies if they are not ideally adapted to the factory's particular solution. Times change and adaptations will be required to remain efficient or to even further increase efficiency.  

This sounds complex and expensive, but it really is not! 

We have done all the hard work in getting a general starter Kit ready, which allows for a lot of flexibility to begin with. Furthermore, it has been designed with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing in mind. 

Our software allows to integrate "Data Acquisition", "Administration", "Sales & Marketing", or can be modified to comply with ISO-requirements, all in one. 

Even better, you can process multiple locations and consolidate them in one "Master-Database". 


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